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Mises à jour le 03/06/2020
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Should you have any questions about us or our products, feel free to enquire in English using this e-mail address: contact@jardincouvert.com.
Please note that we cannot handle calls in English, due to the many technical aspects of our products, but we are always pleased to hear from our customers through e-mail messages and will answer quickly.

Who are we and what does Jardincouvert.com deal with?

Jardin Couvert is a French company which was created in August 2009. The company’s offices are located in Mazé-Milon, next to Angers, in the western part of France.

Our factory is located in Vernantes, within a stone’s throw from Saumur (between the towns of Angers and Tours). All of our tunnel greenhouses are made in France, in Vernantes.

Our goal is to provide private individuals with professional hothouses and accessories, adapted to fit their needs.

Richelieu greenhouse

Albeit greenhouses (tunnel, hobby…) are our main business, we also sell accessories and spare parts:

- temporary storage buildings.

- artificial turf and hedges.

- growing supplies such as leaf-mould, pots…

- garden sheds.

- carports, motor caravan shelters.

- enclosure solutions…

Jardin Couvert can provide you with everything you might need as a passionate gardener, whether you are a professional grower or simply fond of your backyard.

Any question? Contact us to enquire.